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6/15 - Belo Monte: symbol of an Ecocide 2'20 - directed by F.L.E.G

September 03, 2015

Belo Monte: symbol of an Ecocide

Brazil, a world economic power, develops many big agricultural, industrial, energy and mining projects. Its goal : increase its competitiveness and maintain its growth. The country needs energy for its activities and its population, more than 200 million people. So Brazil builds huge dams in the heart of its Amazonian forest. Works which lead to labor and environmental disputes. We're afraid that the dam will make our people disappear. However, the Brazilian constitution requires a preliminary study of environmental impact for any installation of construction site or activity that can lead to a significant degradation of the environment.
Judicial battles, the Belo Monte series. At the center of the dispute, the irregularities of licenses granted to set up the dam and the rights violation of the native people. These environmental and social environmental studies are also questioned for their objectivity. But the Belo Monte site's manager is certain of the viability of the hydroelectric complex. Le méga barrage No, the project will not destroy the ecosystem. The ecosystem will be on our side and will help us optimize the excavation works... The energy supplied by the dam will help develop the entire region
For the dam opponents, it's the symbol of an ecocide. Dilma Roussef will never say stop. That's her creation, she's called the Belo Monte's mother.
Will Belo Montebe dismantled one day? A hope for Valérie Cabanes,spokeswoman of movement End Ecocide, that can become reality when the ecocide will be recognized as the 5th international crime against Peace. we need today a supranational, international, criminal justice because no international tools can stop today such a project. A sign of an ecological and industrial revolution.
The hydroelectric development, a rapidly growing market which attracts numerous French companies. GDF-SUEZ, EDF and Alstom, they are 3 main companies to have contributed to this disaster in Amazonia
By enlightening the inquisitives about the crucial role that companies play in the construction of dams in Amazonia, it's really the responsibility of the French State that the associations highlight.

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Capital: Brasilia Capitale : Brasilia
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Since October 2010, ROUSSEFF Dilma is the first woman elected President of the Federative Republic of Brazil. October 5, 2014 re-elected, Rousseff is facing a scandal corruption involving major Brazilian political parties.

Belo Monte, symbol of an Ecocide

Sonia GUAJAJARA / Leader Indigène - Brésil -
Sonia GUAJAJARA - A Powerful Voice for Brazil’s Indigenous Peoples Amazon Watch.
Gert-Peter BRUCH Président de Planete Amazone -
Gert-Peter BRUCH Président of Amazon Planet Association.
Valérie CABANES Porte-Parole / Juriste - End Ecocide -
Valérie CABANES - Lawyer in International Law and specialised in Human Rights of End Ecocide on Earth.
Antônio Kelson Elias Filho Directeur de la Construction Belo Monte / Norte Energia -
Antônio Kelson Elias Filho - Construction Manager
Belo Monte Dam - Norte Energia.
Jinia Porte-Parole / Juruna -
Jinia - Spokeswoman of the Juruna Indian Tribe - Brazil Instituto Raoni.
The Juruna Indian Tribe
Paysan du Para -
Farmer of the Para region
ouvrier Belo Monte / Norte Energia -
Worker - Belo Monte Dam
ouvrier Belo Monte / Norte Energia -
Worker - Belo Monte Dam
ouvrier Belo Monte / Norte Energia -
Worker - Belo Monte Dam
ouvrier Belo Monte / Norte Energia -
Worker - Belo Monte Dam

Ecocide (Source End Ecocide On Earth).

Eco-cide derives from the Greek “oikos” meaning “house” or “home” and the Latin “caedere” meaning “strike down, demolish, kill”. It literally translates to killing our home. Ecocide is the destruction of our natural environment. Defined as the extensive damage to, destruction of or loss of ecosystems of a given territory it covers all major environmental disasters.

- Ecocide is environmental destruction.
- Ecocide is damage or loss of ecosystems.
- Ecocide is the murder of humans, plants and animals.
- Ecocide ignores the rights of future generations.
- Ecocide is a crime.

Ecocide has been discussed since the 1970s as a potential international Crime Against Peace when it was, amongst others mentioned by the swedish Premier Olof Palme. He commented on the environmental damages caused by the use of Agent Orange by United States forces in Vietnam war. Nevertheless it was excluded from the Rome Statute, which is the fundament of the international criminal court in The Haague. Today, it is ironically a war crime, but allowed during peace. We can offer you a list of ecocide examples or if you want to make a trip through history we can offer you a trip through the history of the term Ecocide.